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Metal structures is the term defining the manufacturing process, the solid structural form and the technology of installation into a single construction
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Steel constructions

Manufacturing and Installation of Metal Structures

Metal structures is the term defining the manufacturing process, the solid structural form and the technology of installation into a single construction. Metal structures are used in the construction of all types of buildings and structures, the most requiring significant bays, heights and loads. Such technology becomes increasingly popular in Ukraine in civil and industrial construction.


Rolled metal is the raw material for all constructions, which are produced due to the joint standard in the form of sheets, angels, channel beams, double-Ts and pipes. Any constructive solid form is composed of a single material.

The manufacturing of all structures is made in a single technological process, namely cold-working, such as bending, cutt-off, holing and assembly of details in constructive-complex elements (assembly and welding operations).

Advantages of using metal framing:

Steel constructions


Ensuring the reliability of metal structures is due to the physical distribution of the tensioning load, as a result of which there is no deformation of the material.

Steel constructions


Among all types of existing load carrying structures metal ones have the smallest weight.

Steel constructions


Metal structures are manufactured only at modernly equipped plants, which provide a high-quality class, thanks to the technology of industrial production.

Steel constructions


The metal properties, as a material, are very much appreciated in the construction industry due to their high density and strength. Such material is not afraid of gas and liquid substances.

Steel constructions


The use of metal framing allows completing the construction of the facility using the technology of prefabricated buildings within a short time.

The «Riola» Company Is the Best Partner for Installation of Metal Structured Projects

The manufacturing and installation of metal structures of arctic shell for industrial and civil buildings is one of the key competences of the «Riola» Construction Group, along with the introduction of cast-in-place and composite frame.


An experienced team of engineers and designers will design the frame of a building or structure of any shape and complexity. The company has crane and auxiliary machinery, construction tools and equipment, as well as production base for the metal structures manufacturing.

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Steel constructions

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